Raising Responsible Rascals

Albuquerque, NM


Nancy Johnson

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
National Certified Counselor

With nearly 20 years of clinical and private practice, a period of time teaching school as well as raising two adopted children, Nancy has had extensive personal and professional experience with life’s challenges. Communication within relationships becomes the center of focus for the work she does whether it is in the home, at work, or at school. The stress and anxiety experienced in such situations and environments can take its toll on you and on those you love the most. Changing the way communication is practiced can make big and helpful differences.

Anger is also often at the center of these difficulties and healthy anger management can often do wonders for all parties. Nancy’s philosophical approach is to empower the client to find and manage the control necessary to begin to change, for the better, an otherwise difficult relationship. She is known most for the work she does with worried or frustrated parents as she provides them with strategies and ideas that will help their children improve their critical thinking skills and begin to take age appropriate charge of their own lives as they begin to become more responsible.

The relaxing and beautiful garden atmosphere surrounding her office as well as Nancy’s comfortable, understanding and empathetic approach will put you at ease to ensure that her office is a safe, relaxing space to look for lasting solutions.